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Copyright ©2019 ENCORE!!! by Gurmentor Inc

  • With free access to mobile translations (spoken and written), dictionaries, YouTube, Vimeo and other videos…why subscribe to an app that does the same thing (with a slightly better aggregator of content)?

  • Watching a ‘How To Swim’ video  (even one prepared by an Olympic-level coach) does not make you a swimmer—you need to spend hours in the pool, practicing breathing, stroking, aligning your body…

  • Seeing and hearing foreign words on a device (no matter how well-presented) does not make you fluent in another language—you have to speak repeatedly, learn to recall rapidly, and develop confidence in your abilities.

  • Encore!!! mimics a ‘tutor’ who has unlimited patience to allow you to listen and then say aloud the word or phrase as many times as you need until it’s embedded in you.

  • Encore!!! provides you a library that can bring you to intermedidate level fluency. You can add ANY new text or audio content from any source of your choosing and plug it into the app which gives you control over how many times you hear it, how much pause you give yourself to say it, and many other options.

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